MAGnetic Data Acquisition System/
Circum-pan Pacific Magnetmeter Network Data(MAGDAS/CPMN)

*) These databases were funded in part by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS)
as Grant-in-Aid for Publication of Scientific Research Results (128068,138059,148071,158068,168066,188068,198055, 208043).

*important* Rules for data usage

Scientists who want to engage in collaboration with ICSWSE
should contact the project leader of MAGDAS/CPMN
observations, Prof. A. Yoshikawa, Kyushu Univ., who will
organize such collaborations.

Data Request Form(PDF) is available here

There is a possibility that the PI of MAGDAS will arrange offers
so that there is less overlapping of themes between MAGDAS research groups

Before you use MAGDAS/CPMN data for your papers,
you must agree to the following points;
  1. Before you submit your paper, you must contact the PI
    (Prof. A. Yoshikawa: yoshikawa.akimasa.254 _at_ and
    discuss authorship.
  2. When you submit your paper after doing the above item 1, you must mention
    the source of the data in the acknowledgment section of your paper.
  3. In general, you must use the following references:
    1. Yumoto, K., and the 210MM Magnetic Observation Group, The STEP
      210 magnetic meridian network project, J. Geomag. Geoelectr.,
      48, 1297-1310., 1996. [PDF]
    2. Yumoto, K. and the CPMN Group, Characteristics of Pi 2 magnetic
      pulsations observed at the CPMN stations: A review of the STEP
      results, Earth Planets Space, 53, 981-992, 2001. [PDF]
    3. Yumoto K. and the MAGDAS Group, MAGDAS project and its application
      for space weather, Solar Influence on the Heliosphere and Earth's
      Environment: Recent Progress and Prospects, Edited by N. Gopalswamy
      and A. Bhattacharyya, ISBN-81-87099-40-2, pp. 309-405, 2006. [PDF]
    4. Yumoto K. and the MAGDAS Group, Space weather activities at SERC for IHY: MAGDAS,
      Bull. Astr. Soc. India, 35, pp. 511-522, 2007. [PDF]
  4. In all circumstances, if anything is published you must send
    a hardcopy to the following address: